SELE Teachers

  • Admin
  • 2020-05-27 13:30:32
SELE School Teachers is an important program in the SELE series. It aims at overcoming an important limitation of English medium schools. It removes the discrepancy between the medium of the teaching and the medium of the texts. It is an irony that most of the English medium schools prescribe the texts in English, but the texts are taught in the manner as they would have been taught, had they been in the vernacular. This makes the process of teaching and learning too much laborious, as the teachers have to teach and the students have to learn in a language in which they are semiskilled. Naturally, the students' response is always crippled. While they respond in English, they can express only as much as they have crammed from the text. On the other hand, when the students respond in their mother tongue, they can't add their textual knowledge to their perception, reflection and understanding because of their mediums being different. Such duality of mediums reduces the quality of teaching to a pitiably low level. This program is a complete cure to the problem. If one can’t talk in English, one can’t teach in English, because teaching, in a broad sense, means telling, asking, and explaining.