SELE Professional

  • Admin
  • 2020-05-27 10:59:30
SELE Professional, likewise, other SELE programs, is essentially an English language acquisition program, which ensures complete synchronization between the learner's thinking and speaking. It makes various aspects of the English language, such as syntax, structures, usages, and collocations intuitive in the mind of the learner. The program is meant for those learners, who have pursued, or are pursuing professional courses, but, because of their inadequate command over English, fail to showcase their competence and skill at the time of job opportunities. By making such learners fluent speakers of English, this program has privileged them to be the first preference of the employers, and has, thereby, earned the title 'A Passport to Placement' for itself. It lays adequate stress on the personality development of the learners. It grooms them in such a way as they can manifest the physical, intellectual and emotional dimensions of their personalities in a confident and agreeable manner. Besides language acquisition and kinesics refinements, the program improves the learners' pronunciation to an admirable degree. In the present time, the packing is as important as the product. One has to decide the packing according to the quality of the product. You can't pack uranium in the packing of urea. If you do so, firstly you will not be able to convince the buyer that the thing which you are selling is uranium, and, if anyhow you convince him of it, he will not be willing to give as much price as you want. Your talent is like uranium. SELE Professional provides it with the kind of packing that it deserves.