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  • 2020-05-27 11:12:05
Next to SELE Infants, is the SELE Kids. Likewise, the other programs of the SELE series, it is also based on the psycholinguistic process. The language- data, in it, is imparted to the learners in such a manner as it, at once, becomes the linguistic habit with them. The learners are made to handle the primary linguistic skills, namely, listening, thinking and speaking in the manner as one is required to handle in the process of living. Instead of lengthy syllabus to cram, the child is given psycholinguistic inputs which are graded in accordance with linguistic universals. The features of care taker speech have been incorporated in the program to give the learner emotional sustenance. The child's knowledge of the first language is used as facilitation for positive transfer. Since, learners are made to acquire and use the language in correlation with numerous people, they attain a sense of independence and frankness in the matter of its use. This goes to make them quite eloquent in English. What can the dumb and deaf not do? – They cannot just listen and speak in a language. How can you afford your child to be like the dumb and deaf even in the language of the medium of his/her instruction and learning? Speaking is the least, not the last thing that your child must acquire while learning the English language. So, if your child cannot talk in English, he/she cannot do even the least thing of English.