SELE Adolescent

  • Admin
  • 2020-05-27 11:10:02
SELE Adolescent program has been designed to enable the school going students, falling in the age group of 11 to 17, to be instinctive speakers of English, in total disregard of their social environment and family background. It enables the learners to think, understand, and speak in English at the same time. It makes the rules of Grammar habits with them. Its main feature is that the learner acquires English language with the ease, speed and spontaneity of acquiring the first language. It initiates the Automatic Language Enrichment Process (ALEP) in the Language Acquisition Device (LAD) of the learner. It makes the concept receiving, retaining, and reproducing faculty of the learner 6 times faster than the usual. Thus, it provides him complete riddance from rote learning. The mind and the book are alike in one way-both contain knowledge through language. A mind without the ability to reflect in a language is like a book with blank pages. So, don’t learn just to read in English but, also learn to reflect in it. If there is a matter of just reading and writing, even the dumb and deaf can learn that. When your child is not dumb and deaf, why should it be taught as the dumb and deaf? When it has ears, let it hear, when it has a tongue, let it speak, and when there is SELE kids, let it do, as it does not make children in English like the dumb and deaf, but eloquent.